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About SAP Hotel Management

Serving the hospitality community with integrity, loyalty and quality
SAP Hotels specializes in hotel management of both full service and select service hotels, but also small lodging properties. The need to be selective in choosing a hotel management company has never been more important than it is today. SAP Hotels provides real world solutions for its owners and will increase your hotel’s top line revenue and improve your hotel’s bottom line profit.

SAP Hotels’ corporate team has over 75 years of hotel management experience. They are experts in the fields of: operations/cost controls, sales and marketing and accounting/finance.

Operations and cost controls starts with a line item budget for your properties. With this “plan” SAP Hotels can truly manage your asset. The budget will allow SAP to measure Top Line Revenue, Gross Operating Profit and Net Operating Income. The “plan” is not just a piece of paper, SAP Hotels will provide hands on training to your management team and line level employees, They will become empowered and engaged and will take an interest in improving the hotel’s performance. SAP Hotels will provide your hotel with detailed Standard Operating Procedures outlining everything from: preventative maintenance, cash handling, customer service and an energy policy that will produce real savings without sacrificing guest satisfaction. In addition to regularly scheduled property visits once per quarter audits will ensure these procedures are being followed.

Sales and marketing is more than just collateral and answering RFP’s. SAP Hotels will perform market research and market outreach, and will develop a creative and measurable sales and marketing plan. That when executed will gain your hotel additional Corporate Locally Accounts and Groups. SAP Hotels will provide extensive sales training to either a full time sales staff or a part time associate to enable them to penetrate the market and gain additional top line revenue for your hotel. SAP Hotels believes that a proactive sales approach will produce results in both good and challenging economies.

Accounting and finance is how SAP Hotels will measure the success of your hotel. The budget is the plan of how your hotel is run; the Profit and Loss Statement is the “measuring stick” of profitability. In addition to the Profit and Loss Statement, a daily “Flash Report” is produced which will measure on a daily basis the hotel performance to top line revenue, labor controls and costs per occupied room of the expenses.

As Owners and operators of hotels, SAP Hotels has established an impressive track record of success in hotel management. Since its inception, SAP’s dual focus on cost controls and revenue maximization has ensured the utmost profitability for its hotels that is well above the industry norms. Our sophisticated centralized accounting systems form the basis of our highly efficient and affective organizational and corporate structure. The cultural diversity of our personnel is our strength. Our employees’ commitment to excellence drives our success.

SAP Hotels will work with your existing team or will help you create a new one. Though your employees do not show up on the mortgage, they are your most valuable assets as they can make the difference on whether the guest returns or goes to the competition on their next stay. Hotel Management can be renamed Employee Management as SAP Hotel will ensure your employees remain motivated and centered on customer service. Through our creative Performance Based Incentive, SAP Hotels will decrease turnover and thus reduce costing in help wanted advertising and training costs.

We can work to re-image your existing concept to enhance market share and revenue base. We have extensive resources to help both the front and back of the house operations. We understand the responsibilities and interactions of each member of your staff and the skills and level of performance they each must bring to the table to make your business more profitable. We understand how the P & L statement translates into operational reality.

Over the years, SAP Hotels has developed excellent relationships with hotel franchise companies, 3rd party internet travel agencies, mega travel agencies, tour companies, airlines and 3rd party booking agencies. When SAP Hotels manages your hotel, you the owner gains the benefit of these relationships, which will manifest in greater profits for your asset.

SAP Hotels is not only a top hospitality management company, but one of the fastest growing hotel Management Companies in the Midwestern United States. Our location in Central Ohio makes SAP Hotels a logical choice to manage Ohio Hotels, Michigan Hotels, Pennsylvania Hotels, West Virginia Hotels, Indiana Hotels, Illinois Hotels, New York Hotels and New Jersey Hotels. Our location will keep travel costs down for our owners and ensure a lightning fast response time.